Out by Art

”Out by Art” is an experimental and innovative film project including six short films by six nordic directors.

”You and Eye” and ”Life like Color” has been selected to Barnes Film Festival 2020 in London! The festival will take place 16-24 of June (online)!

All Out by Art-films are selected for screening at
Poleeni Cultural Center during spring 2020 in Pieksämäki, Finland.
Opening 6th of Mars 2020. Closing day 17th of  Juni 2020.
With travel suport from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

”You and Eye” + ”Life like Color” was selected to the world’s biggest learning disability film festival: Oska Bright Film Festival. Brighton, UK. October 2019.
Price winner: ”You and Eye” Best film, at the festival 2019!

During summer 2019 the films was screened at Kaarisilta Biennale, Finland


Out by Art- poster for Fringe Festival. Design Kenneth Pils

As a producer and project manager Sven Blume have been working with  the film project ”Out by Art”. The result was six nordic short films (fiction/documentary). After the premiere at Moderna Museet Stockholm  2017, the films have been screened at several festivals, museums, cinemas and universities/schools around Europe and Sweden.

All films are made within the group: artists with neuropsychiatric disorders and/or intellectual disabilities in the Nordic network: Nordic Outsider Art (NOA).

The films where recorded in: Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland with local artist. And finally a great sound workshop was made with all artist and the sound recorder/musician Teemu Vilmunen in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

The films within the project:
”The Love of Art” director Aleksi Pietikäinenn, Kaarisilta (FI)

The Love of Art, director Aleksi Pietikäinen

Synopsis: ”Judge not the dog by its hair” The film is about uniqueness and individuality of everyone. Appearance isn ́t the whole truth about anyone. Love to art and beauty unites us

Director and Scriptwriter: Aleksi Pietikäinen
Running time: 3:54
Year of production: 2018
Country of production: Finland/Sweden
Film genre: short fiction (comedy)
Producer: Sven Blume

”Life like Color” director Birkir Sigurðsson, List án landamæra (IS)

Life like Color, director Birkir Sigurðsson

Synopsis: Dreams in colors, I fear that I’m going to lose some one that i love, some one dear to my heart.

Director and Scriptwriter: Birkir Sigurðsson
Running time: 5:08
Year of production: 2018
Country of production: Sweden/Iceland/Finland
Film genre: short fiction (art film)
Producer: Sven Blume

”The Face in the Mirror” director David Viborg Jensen, Gaia (DK)

The face in the mirror, director David Viborg Jensen

Synopsis: As an outsider artist I prefere to go right when the mainstream go left.

Director and Scriptwriter: David Viborg Jensen
Running time: 2:48
Year of production: 2018
Country of production: Sweden/Denmark/Finland
Film genre: short fiction (music video)
Producer: Sven Blume

”You and Eye” director Hugo Karlsson, Inuti (SE)

You and Eye, director Hugo Karlsson

Synopsis: I create because I must. My creations create me in return. The boundaries between reality and fantasy fades away and the lifeless awakens.

Director and Scriptwriter: Hugo Karlsson
Running time: 4:38
Year of production: 2018
Country of production: Sweden/Finland
Film genre: short fiction
Producer: Sven Blume

”For my sake (För min skull)” director Marianne Schmidt, Inuti (SE)

För min skull/For my sake, director Marianne Schmidt

Synopsis: Hard as a rock, fragile as a sherd of glass, a personal journey as an artist within the field of Outsider Art unfold. Faced with life depicted through an unusual perspective, provoke both emotion and reflection

Director and Scriptwriter: Marianne Schmidt
Running time: 20:31
Year of production: 2018
Country of production: Sweden/Finland/Iceland/Denmark
Film genre: creative documentary/experimental
Producer: Sven Blume

”My fantasy” director Niko Liikanen, Kettuki (FI)

My Fantasy, director Niko Liikanen

Synopsis: Four different Fantasy Worlds. My imagination -a dream where unreal and real could be together.

Director and Scriptwriter: Niko Liikanen
Running time: 3:19
Year of production: 2018
Country of production: Sweden/Finland
Film genre: short fiction, (Science fiction)
Producer: Sven Blume

The film project ”Out by Art” main coordinators: Sven Blume (SE), filmmaker and Lotte Nilsson-välimaa (SE), artist. With a lot of suport from project group member Marianne Schmidt. Together with local coordinators and coaches from Nordic Outsider Art: Johanna Immeli (FI), Ragnheidur Maisol Sturludottir (IS), Anna Noe Bovin (DK), Mette Nyboe Grønkjærr (DK), Samuli Laurinolli (FI), Päivi Lilja (FI) and Anneli Aaltonen Krantz (SE)

Visning av filmerna på biograf Zita @ Fringe Festival, Stockholm 2018