Music video

James Yorkston and Second hand Orchestra, 2020

From recording of music video with James Yorkston and Second Hand Orchestra in studio Rymden, Stockholm, 2020. New video and album in process. Stills: Nadja Hallström

Emma Nordenstam, Second Hand Orchestra, Photo Nadja Hallström
James Yorkston and Karl Jonas Winqvist (Second Hand Orchestra).Photo: Nadja Hallström
Daniel Bengtson in Studio Rymden. Photo Nadja Hallström
James Yorkson during recording of new album in Stockholm, 2020. Photo Nadja Hellström
Sven Blume and James Yorkston in studio Rymden, Stockholm. Photo Nadja Hallström
Emma Nordenstam – Galonisar, 2019
Music: Emma Nordenstam
Emma Nordenstam – Världens bästa klass, 2019.
Music: Emma Nordensam
Aron Schoug, Christopher Eriksson and Karin Jacobson
Lyxjul, 2018