Det krokiga och det raka – abut architect Carl Nyrén

“Det krokiga och det raka” is a film in development about my grandfather, the architect Carl Nyrén. The film will be screened at the Culture Slot “K-special” for Swedish television. In the film I visit Nyrén’s buildings in the search of my grand father, one of Sweden’s most important architects.

Stockholm Sparbank, Hamngatan
Photo: Sune Sundahl

Running time: 58 minutes
Director Sven Blume
Producer William Johansson, Laika film
In co-production with SVT, Swedish Television art and culture department.
DP: Annika Busch, Per Kristiansen, Sven Blume
Editor: Niel Wigardt
Release: 2020

Villa Nyrén, Äppelviken, Bromma. Carl is working in his study