More films and projects

Incident on a Dark Ground a new film by Lotte Nilson-Välimaa in collaboration with Sven Blume. Premiere at Gallery Toolbox in Berlin, next screening Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm. 23-26 Mars.


Editing short films for the web

Coffee for all Nations

Documentary by Wafa Jamal (editing Sven Blume and Lisa Ekberg). Premiere: Dubai international film festival 2014


NewNortProduction documentary projects about the syrian refugee camp Zaatari (Jordan).
Director/Producer: Joakim Svensson, Erik Toenseth & Nedal Alwan
Supervisor: Sven Blume

The Greek ecomomic crisis, Folke Bernadotte academy

Films about the ecomonic crisis in Greece (photo: Joel Ahlberg, editing: Sven Blume)
See all the films about Citizenship in Focus, Folke Bernadotte academy here.

One Day Seyoum

Promotional Film for the Eritrean journalist and prisoner of conscience Seyoum 
Director/idea and implementation: Vanessa Berhe and Clara Wikforss - Green
Supervisor: Sven Blume

MOVE dance festival 2013, Lakeside, Haninge

Photo: Lakeside
Editing: Sven Blume


Documentation of lectures, Kleindagaran 2013
Arranged by: National Committe for Mathematics at the Swedish Royal Academy of Science
and Institut Mittag-Leffler. With support from Brummer & Partners. Receiver: Swedish Educational Broadcasting (UR)




Educational film (Swedish for Immigrants). Client: Lerina.

Some scenes from the film:

Vignette to Skånska Filmdagarna

A film by: Marte Eggen Skogvold & Sven Blume
Actress: Alona Polanitzer