Eight-Hour Leave

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Official selection at Göteborgs International Film Festival 2013!

“Peter has a one-day prissonfurlough in order to see his son on his sixth birthday. In a voice over, Peter’s sister talks about the time before prison and Peter talks about his time in prison. An intimate and poetic look at how life choises affect both family and friends.”

/ Alexandra Lind, Göteborgs Filmfestival


Maximus turns six years old today, and Peter has been granted an eight-hour leave to visit him, one day outside the walls. The family received him with open arms. But there is a strong suspicion under the surface.

What happens next, How will Peter manage a life after prison release, and what does he want anyway? His sister have been struggling many years and now she can’t believe in him any more. Is it possible for him to live a normal life outside the prison, during this eight-hour leave he has to find out.

Watch the trailer, or contact me for the password and see the full movie.

Director: Sven Blume
Photo: Mikael Gustafsson, Annika Busch
Edit: Hanna Storby
Sound: Johan Johanson
Music: Weiwei Jin
Script, original texts: Peter Helleday & Lisen Helleday
Script processing: Robert Styrbjörn, Hanna Storby & Sven Blume

Participants: Peter Helleday & Lisen Helleday

Stockholm Academy of Dramtic Arts/
Stockhlms Dramatiska Högskola 2012

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